This section would be entitled ‘Proposed Methodology’ since the actual work would not have taken place yet and it should discuss the methodology that is proposed to be carried out. The methodology section should explain the actual ‘problem area’ of the project. Be sure to state the problem, its relevance to system engineering and society, ways the problem have been addressed previously and how the problem was addressed currently in the project. In addition, this section should include minimally the following: participants (be sure to include IRB forms if necessary); tools/devices/equipment/models utilized; experimental protocols; step-by-step procedures for data collections; and statistical principles used in data analysis.


I’m working on a project about healthcare system under system engineering course. and I need help in the proposed methodology section of my research.

My topic is “Healthcare Disasters Resource Tools”. It’s about managing the patient flow in case of disaster in a healthcare facility. and model a healthcare facility that will be able to handle the patient flow in case of disasters.

3 different levels of disasters:

1- small disaster : Fire in large building (approximately 150 patients)

2- medium disaster: Chemical accident in the city (approximately 350 – 500 patients)

3- Large disaster: hurricane or weather disaster (approximately 1500 – 2000 patients)

proposed objectives:

– how to manage the patients check in to identify patient categories and priorities for each group of disaster.

– how to reduce the waiting time and how many on call staff do we need for each group of disaster.

– how to handle emergency patient flow with tools needed such as wheel chairs and etc.

I have attached some source that will be very useful and helpful for you to write the proposed methodology.

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