Throughout this unit, we’ve studied and analyzed various texts/ medias about justice, redemption, and sin. The justice underscored in the Serial Podcast, Dante’s Inferno, and Shawshank Redemption support the propensity and inevitability of humans to sin, seek justice (temporal or divine), and find redemption. Clearly, the idea of being released from suffering and recovering life’s meaning and value finds prominent and enduring expression in our culture and we typically feel an almost irresistible fascination with it.

Your mission/ Brainstorm:

What does “Serial” (The Podcast) say about justice?

What does “Dante’s Inferno” (The Divine Comedy) say about justice?

What does the movie “Shawshank Redemption” say about justice?

The Synthesis Essay/ 100 POINTS

SYNTHESIS: a combination of ideas to form a theory

This essay requires you to combine all of the knowledge you have gathered to formulate your own original idea.

Write a multi-paragraph essay on justice. Generate a strong thesis statement about sin/ justice/ redemption and prove it using evidence from “Serial”, “Inferno”, “Shawshank Redemption”, and pop culture (your original contribution).


Use of evidence from 3 sources (Serial Podcast, Dante’s Inferno, Shawshank Redemption Movie)

Use of evidence from 1 student-found, credible article

3-4 pages in length

LINKING TRANSITIONS + correct grammar of the sources

MLA format

MLA Works Cited + parenthetical citations (Just like Dante, Groper possesses no pity for plagiarism sinners! You are in your senior year of high school/ no excuses) + Hard Copy

Suggested -The Set-Up:

Intro Paragraph- Hook, Thesis, 3 main claims that support your thesis (PREVIEW YOUR PAPER)

Body Paragraph 1- First main claim +minor claim +EV +AN, etc. + TRANSITION

Body Paragraph 2- Second main claim +minor claim+ EV+AN, etc +TRANSITION

Body Paragraph 3- Third main claim + minor claim+ EV+ AN, etc

Conclusion Paragraph- Leave the reader with something to think about

REMINDER: Third person, present tense


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