Assignment Instructions

SWOT Analysis Each student will perform a “Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats” (SWOT) analysis that is relevant to their Comprehensive Community Assessment (CCA). Your SWOT analysis should be based on the data collected and analysis of your Comprehensive Community Assessment project.


 the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats can be listed as bullet points, or in a table as depicted in the example in the link to the Community Tool Box.

As you perform your SWOT, consider the following relevant to your health indicator and county or country:


  • Examine what is already in place, what is being done
  • Existing resources / programs / public policies
  • Supportive factors such as access, affordability, etc.
  • Protective services


  • Gaps both in care options and access to care options
  • Barriers
  • Risk Factors


  • Outreach
  • Access
  • Public Policy
  • Education and training


  • Obstacles
  • Sensitivity of topic
  • Political considerations/factors
  • Economic considerations/factors

Recommendations and Health Promotion Plan (2-3 pages in length

  1. Develop two recommendations that are within the scope of a public health nurse that may improve the health of the population in the community.
  2. Develop a health promotion plan based on one of your recommendations. Give the plan a title. In your plan include:
    • The goal of the plan.
    • Two specific, measurable objectives.
    • Two interventions (one for each objective) for the population that integrates cultural considerations. Identify resources needed for each of your identified interventions. (These interventions may use existing resources or may require the development of new resources.)
    • Members of the interprofessional team and community services that will assist in implementation.
    • A method for evaluating each intervention.

Support the health promotion plan/project with evidence-based research and practices.

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