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SWAC speaks on accepting FAMU.

The acceptance of FAMU into the Southwestern Athletics Conference was exciting not just for the Florida A&M University but also for the officials of SWAC led by commission Charles McClelland. In the build-up to their admission into the conference, Mclelland mentions that there had been a lot of speculation from the media about the deal between the two partners. McClelland admitted when they signed the agreement to allow FAMU into the conference, and he woke up in the morning with a smile on his face. From his explanation, the new partnership describes the weight that the new team is bringing into the conference.

According to Charles McClelland, Florida A&M University majors in law. It is an excellent opportunity for the learners to interact not just during sporting activities but also by sharing their academic knowledge. The proximity between schools who participate in the SWAC competition is also a significant factor that will help students share their theoretical knowledge. Florida A&M University is also coming in as a new member to boost the Southwestern Athletics Conference. As McClelland mentions, the conference will now be formidable and have an edge while competing with other conferences. Equally, the admission of FAMU will help the conference foster its tradition of Historical Black College and University, which they share the same mission and principle. McClelland also indicated that the admission of Florida A&M into the conference would make their institutions stronger. They will be able to enjoy the long history of competing with FAMU not just in other sports disciplines but also in Athletics.

Further, the conference’s brand will be enhanced because of the introduction of the new member, which will attract a new fan base. Florida A&M University has a robust and loyal fan base that will ignite the rivalry with other teams that are already in the conference, and the sporting activities at the conference will be exciting to watch. This feature will also attract new partners who will come in to support the teams in the conference. One of the key factors mentioned by McClelland is the administrative unit of FAMU. He posits that the team has trustworthy and experienced leadership. Their admission to the conference will also enable them to learn essential skills that will help them in their leadership roles at the conference.

Notably, FAMU is the alma mater of various successful career athletes, and there is no doubt it is an equal competitor in the conference. Before joining Southwestern Athletics Conference, Florida A&M University was a member of the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference. With the new admission, McClelland intimates that this will help the team cut down the cost since they will not have to travel long distances to participate in games. Equally, there will be a renewed rivalry between the Southwestern Athletics Conference and Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference. With quality players in their team, FAMU will re-establish a long-lasting competition with other teams. Their loyal fan base will equally bring in new energy in the stadiums, and SWAC will be exciting to watch. This will bring in new partners who will invest in the Athletes, and the FAMU will also have an opportunity to generate more revenue. Looking at the admission of FAMU in SWAC, it is a win for all the stakeholders. Students will have a chance to interact with each other and exchange their academic knowledge. FAMU will also have an opportunity to generate more revenue for the institution and partner with other Universities participating in the conference to betterment the learners. SWAC will now be more robust than before, and they can compete and win trophies against their rivals.

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