Survivability at the Edge of the Earth

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Survivability at the Edge of the Earth

Falling off at the edge of the earth when sailing across strong and turbulent seas means a matter between death and survivability. Considering the stipulated era of the thirteenth century, it would take a couple of days to get help due to the ragging back of the technological development. Surviving in such situations means trying to avoid starving by every way as well as coming up with practical ways to cope up with the unfavorable environmental conditions. Therefore, being a victim in such a scenario, I will make use of every resource available starting from my clothing to every electronic device or any other gadget I might be possessing. With this, there will be an assurance of in a way or the other finding something to eat, water to drink and shelter to enhance survivability along the seas. However, at last, the most important thing will be coming up with an effective technique of communicating with other sailors or pilots that may come across the seas as a way of raising the alarm for rescue possibilities.

At these circumstances, the best way to survive is by first catering for the necessities as mentioned above. To start with shelter, understanding the new breeze circles and weather patterns along the seas will be of significant advantage. Here every kind of clothing is essential whether heavy or light. Being along seas does not mean the end of the world if one does not have heavy clothes as during the cold nights the numerous layers of warm breeze from the water masses keeps one warm. On the other side, during the hot days, I would drape the free clothes overhead to cover the blistering sunlight rays.

The next thing to think about will be where to get food and water as they are among the fundamental basics of life. It is not advisable to drink the salty sea water; I would make use of my clothing whether hood, shirt or rain boats to collect and store rainwater which is healthy for consumption. Also, the plastic bags and other containers available can be of great significance as water storing equipment. On collecting the rain waters, the first drops will be used for rinsing the available material to avoid poisoning and other health complications. When it comes to finding food, the practice involves a variety of skills to attract and catch edible water animals such as fish. To catch the fish, I will make use of jewelry to lure them, and the shoelaces would serve the purpose of the fishing line. The uneaten bits will at every time be preserved to act as fish-attracting material for the future use.

It is right that there is a possibility of using the mentioned above basic survival mechanisms along the seas, but the fact remains that one cannot live there for the rest of the life. Therefore, this acts as a motivating factor of coming up with a plan of how to get my way out of the detrimental edges of the earth. With this, the reflection technic plays an essential role during the thirteenth century the modern technology of using portable mobile phones was not developed. This stipulates that there are no any other means of communication along the sea place apart from the use of signs. The essential step to take here will be relaxing and taking time to look at the sky studying the clouds as well as observing the planes flying and ships sailing along the seas. After that, I will make use of my pocket mirror which is rare to leave behind when traveling to reflect light as a way of sending signals to the observed locomotives. The sailors and pilots are capable of understanding the life rescuing signs, and that would mark my survivability at the edge of the earth.

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