summer 2023 week 3 new case study

For this assignment, you will complete the Complicated Pregnancy Interactive. You will need a minimum of two scholarly references to support your work, one of which should be from a nursing journal.

Please refer to the Grading Rubric before starting your case.

Complicated Pregnancy Case Study

1)What next Questions do you have for Jamie?


2)As a PMHNP, what education would you provide Jamie about buprenorphine/naloxone use in pregnancy?


3)What education can you provide to Jamie regarding her concerns?



4)What screening tools would be appropriate to use with Jamie?


5)Given the information you currently have on Jamie, what other questions would you ask her regarding her current symptoms?


6)List 3-5 differential diagnoses for Jamie.


7)Of your differentials, which diagnoses would you, the PMHNP, choose as a primary diagnosis to work on for today’s session?



8)Describe your pharmacologic treatment regimen below, including medication chosen (if any) and why; risks, benefits, side effects and alternatives as well as relationship to trimester should also be included.



9)What patient education will you provide regarding your chosen medication?



10)What non-pharmacologic treatment options would you suggest for Jamie?


11)What education do you provide to her?


12)What will be your safety plan and follow up plan for Jamie?




13)Please enter any additional information you would like to include on this case.


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