summer 2023 week 11 journal


Reflection on Clinical Experiences

            In the mental health field, there is a need for sufficiency in cultural aptitude and spirituality in evaluating, diagnosing, treating, and managing patients experiencing mental health conditions. While being mindful of incorporating critical thinking into the management of patients under your care, as a PMHNP, there will be various instances where there is a need for the professional to showcase their skills in managing challenging situations, which have a high likelihood of occurrence in this setting. Such an instance in my case was during my shift working at a local psych outpatient clinic, whereby an issue presented itself regarding a unique case of a male patient with schizophrenia whose treatment plan proved ineffective despite multiple oral antipsychotic medications with a maximum dosage limit in addition to mood stabilizers.

            Considering the challenges involved in introducing a new and innovative intervention, I opted to seek aid from my colleagues in our weekly multidisciplinary team gatherings and with professionals both within the clinic and from the nearby inpatient psychiatric facility. As the team leader, I coordinated between them toward reaching an effective solution that benefits the patient. My efforts comprised a medical peer review working closely with the lead psychiatrist, key nursing personnel, and the supportive and social care personnel. Morgan & Townsend (2020) argue for including family members and the patient in developing a treatment plan to ensure maximum effectiveness. My choice of an alternative and more comprehensive treatment plan is predicated on resolving Ben’s desperate condition that seemed to cause him distress and angst. I chose to invest in wide-ranging consultation and extensive collaborative efforts within and outside the facility to provide more in-depth perspectives and creative solutions where critical thinking skills are employed from various disciplines. The positive outcomes were evident with the patient’s gradual regaining of normalcy despite pushback from the family members regarding the aggressiveness of the treatment plan.   




Morgan, K. I., & Townsend, M. C. (2020). Pocket guide to psychiatric nursing (11th ed.). F. A. Davis Company.


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