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Excellent post! It was fascinating reading your discussion post since you provided informative comments based on your analysis of Motivational Interviewing and Change Theory. Motivational Interviewing is a client-centered, collaborative approach between the therapist or psychologists and the client. Motivational Interviewing helps clients in exploring and resolving ambivalent feelings; this, contributing to a positive change (Angelini & Efran, 2021). Moreover, Motivational Interviewing focuses on building a good rapport with the client in the initial stages of therapeutic relationship. The most important concepts of Motivational Interviewing involve identification, examination, and resolving ambivalence that affects behavioral change (Angelini & Efran, 2021).


Generally, Motivational Interviewing is based on three central components, including collaboration, evocation, and autonomy (Fenn et al., 2021). For this reason, Motivational Interviewing gives clients an opportunity to make some important decisions regarding the therapeutic procedures. Change Theory, on the other hand, focus on self-awareness, personal reflection, and acceptance (Fenn et al., 2021). For this reason, an individual should understand their weaknesses or challenges and acknowledge the need for change. Both the Motivational Interviewing and Change Theory encourage therapists to understand the needs of their clients. For instance, empathy, which is one of the principles of Motivational Interviewing allows therapist or health care providers to view the world through the ‘client’s eyes’. This can be achieved by not being judgmental. Furthermore, the principles of the two approaches to counseling and psychotherapy encourage therapists to create conducive conditions that support the desired change.




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Great job on your posting! Motivational interviewing is a “client-centered” counseling approach developed by Miller and Rollnick (Corey, 2018). This approach has some influence on behavior theory models, self-determination theory, and constructivism (Angelini & Efran, 2021). And, it’s interesting to note that not all change occurs with building a good rapport with a patient. Corey (2018) provides that practitioners need to take into account individuals’ cultures as this also influences the change process. If the practitioner and client are not speaking on the same page, there may be a delay with a response or perhaps no response at all. When this happens, more open-ended questions should be utilized to get the client to express themselves. And, I agree with what you stated, speaking to them in a non-judgmental manner is helpful. I think it is even more important to note that providing multiple treatment modalities is helpful because sometimes, one intervention may be more helpful than another. For example, an individual may be receiving therapy, one on one, but then advised to join a support group. The individual later finds that the support group provides more encouragement than one on one counseling and this may help to keep this patient on track with conquering their goals.



Angelini, F. J., & Efran, J. S. (2021). Motivational interviewing: Contributions from


structure determinism. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 52(4),




Corey, G. (2018). Theory and practice of counseling and psychotherapy (10th ed.). Boston, MA:

Cengage Learning.



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