The top leadership of your selected organization has requested that you prepare a stakeholder engagement analysis and strategy for your sustainability initiative. 


Part I: Stakeholder identification analysis

Prepare a  400-word identification and analysis of the key internal and external stakeholders essential to your initiative’s success. Include the following:

  • 1. Identify key internal and external stakeholders who are essential to the success of your initiative. Provide evidence for your choices.
  • 2. Identify partnerships that can be formed between organizations to foster collaboration or healthy competition. Provide evidence for your choices,
  • 3. Identify community leaders who can use power and influence to further the initiative on your behalf. Provide evidence for your choices.


Part II: Patient engagement strategy

Develop a  400-word strategy for how you will engage patients and their friends or family to participate in your initiative (directly or indirectly).


Part III: Promotional media strategy

Develop a  400-word promotional media strategy and promotional elements for your sustainability initiative that will be used to reach your identified stakeholders. Include the following:

  • 1.  A 90- to 175-word script for a 30- to 60-second online advertisement that promotes your sustainability initiative, advocates for sustainable health care practices, and invites the community to action
  • 2.  A storyboard that outlines the advertisement. Complete the Script and Storyboard Template for this part of the assignment.
  • 4.  Four social media posts in the platform of your choosing that promotes your initiative and invites the community to get involved. 


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