This week you progress to Part 2 of your Capstone Project, in which you further develop the program you conceived in Week 1 based on an identified health care need in a community.


Part 2 begins the planning of strategic, operational, and financial decisions of starting and running such a program, including goal development, facility, and staffing, and performing a SWOT analysis to determine the potential risks and opportunities of the proposed program.


Goals and Objectives

Develop a goal and 2 related objectives for your program. Enter text below.


Description of Program and Facility

Describe the facility and its services, including the target population and demographics. (300-350 words) Enter text below.


Impact on Marginalized Groups

Examine the impact of this program on uninsured, low-income populations. How will these groups of people get access to the services? (250-350 words) Enter text below.


Staffing and Support

Provide an initial estimate of the staff required to operate this facility, including physicians, nurses, receptionist, and other support staff. Apply standards on the ratio of clinical and support staff per physician. (250-350 words) Enter text below.


SWOT Analysis

Evaluate the potential strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that can impact the targeted outcome of this program. (250-350 words) Enter text below.




Enter text below.



Enter text below.




Enter text below.



Enter text below.


Policies, Procedures, Incentives

Describe policies, procedures, and incentives that would make the program a transformative work environment. (250-350 words) Enter text below.


Literature Review

Conduct a literature review and list at minimum 5 sources (e.g., trade or industry publications, government or agency websites, scholarly works, or other sources of similar quality) to identify programs that exist that address at least to some degree your identified health problem.



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