In this assignment you will be asked to summarize the pertinent information found in a journal article. Thus, you will be asked to synthesize the purpose, the methods, the analyses, findings, and relevance of one scholarly reviewed journal article using the skills you have learned throughout the semester. You do not need to write out your answers in paragraphs, you can answer by the numbers. However, you do need to type up your answers into sentences and submit them as a Word document.

To begin, choose one of the following articles:

Policastro, C. & Daigle, L. (2019). A gendered analysis of the effects of social ties and risky behaviors on intimate partner violence victimization. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 34(8), 1657-1682.

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Crittenden, C.A., Gimlin, A.M., Bennett, A.; & Garland, T.S. (Forthcoming). Exploring faculty and students’ attitudes about consensual sexual relationships and sexual harassment on college campuses. Educational Policy. 1-26.

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Dierenfeldt, R., Lindsteadt, G., Laan, J. & Sobba, K. (2016). Big brother as a contract monitor: An assessment of the use of contract staff to monitor offender communications. American Journal of Criminal Justice, 41(2), 279-295.

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After reading your chosen article, answer the following questions:

  1. What article did you read?
  1. What was the main problem or research question the author(s) was trying to answer? What was the purpose of the study (i.e., explanatory, exploratory, descriptive, applied)?
  1. What type of research methods did the researcher(s) use (i.e., experiment, survey, interview)? Name one pro and one con for using this particular research design.
  1. How did the researcher(s) choose their sample? What sampling method was used? What was the sample size? Who made up the sample?
  1. What were the dependent and independent variables in this research article? How were they operationalized/measured?
  1. What were the key findings of this research?
  1. What are the implications of this research for either future research or CJ policy?
  1. Were there any limitations and/or ethical concerns for this study? If so, identify at least 1 limitation and 1 ethical concern.

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