You need to summarize and generate a critical question based on the assigned readings for class discussion.

High quality, thoughtful questions demonstrate your understanding of the reading and require you to:

• ● Evaluate and critique the methods/results/implications of the study (e.g., “The researchers do not address XYZ, how does this affect the study findings?”; “What would happen if researchers used XYZ instead of XXX?”; “The findings suggest XYZ but could this be just due to XXX?”)

• ● Apply the concepts/ideas/findings from the study to different situations (e.g., “Will they be able to replicate the findings if they…?”; “The researchers suggest XYZ. How can this be applied to real world situations where…”)

• ● Compare and contrast ideas between readings (e.g., “How does XYZ from Study A relate to XXX from Study B?”)

Comprehension of the reading: Demonstrated an in- depth, thorough understanding of the reading. (2 pages)

Quality of questions: Asked an insightful, appropriate, and in- depth question, which leads to a thorough, interesting, and useful discussion.

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