Please write a brief description of how you met at least two of the nine Level II Student Learning Outcomes for this course.


Course: Scientific Inquiry for Evidence-Based Practice



Section 2: Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) Level II Student Learning Outcomes: At the end of this level, the student will:

1. Synthesize nursing and related theories as they apply to nursing leadership, advanced practice or nursing education to promote adaptation and culturally competent therapeutic nursing interventions for individuals, families, groups, the community and society.

2. Integrate research, adaptation and related theories, and critical thinking skills in nursing leadership, advanced practice or nursing education in all settings.

3. Facilitate effective therapeutic communication with individuals, families, groups, the community and members of the health care team to promote optimal wellness and adaptation.

4. Synthesize knowledge gained by research utilization and evidence-based practice to advance the nursing profession.

5. Integrate ethical, legal, and professional standards of practice from the perspective of a nurse leader or advanced practice nurse.

6. Synthesize the leadership and management roles of the nurse leader, advanced practice nurse or nurse educator in meeting health needs and nursing goals in all settings.

7. Maximize responsibility for continued learning and professional development.

8. Evaluate the dynamic forces and issues within the health care delivery system in order to initiate change that affects the quality of nursing in a practice setting.

9. Evaluate the influence of an effective nurse educator, nurse leader, or advanced practice nurse as educator in the care of individuals, families, groups and communities across the health care system



This class was about critically appraise qualitative and quantitative article. Writing picot question, Working on a EPB project

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