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Storm is over

“We are done,” were the words of Alcee to Calixta after realizing they would not be there for each other. She closed the door behind her and with trembling hands looked into the eyes of Alcee passionately. Calixta was in her best dress and looking at her lover’s eyes she smiled and confidently made her face into a frown. She felt her emotional world had been knocked down by the words which seemed to pierce straight into her heart. “Give me your hand; you will feel better,” Alcee reassured. “I will feel uncomfortable. I feel stressed thinking about how I will cope with not seeing you on a daily basis” she was stressed from the tone of her voice. Her world had come crashing down. They were the last words that she expected from the person who meant the world to her. Tears cascaded down her chubby cheeks but Alcee knew that was the best option for them.

She remembered vividly how they met and regretted having consented to the love that was slowly brewing. They were at a school party, and everyone was full of energy and excitement. Alcee had been admiring Calixta for the better part of the party. Realizing he could not hold the feeling, he decided to make a move. On the other hand, Calixta had seen him on another event but did not feel like greeting him. “You must be Calixta.” To which she replied, “You must be Alcee.” Little did she know that she was going into a relationship with a loving, sane, patient and funny guy. He was also very intelligent and manipulative. This made Calixta contended that he would give her the life of her dreams. He was intriguing because he was different and had great taste in food, furniture, clothes, and sex. She found him so sophisticated and unlike anyone she knew she appealed to him. He behaved like he was tortured and was comfortable around people and things. For a moment, she was flattered because of the basic reason that he chose her.

She loved the way he made her feel like a woman. He called her beautiful instead of cute, woman instead of girl and told her how smart she was. Looking at Alcee, she remembered how the first sight of each other made her feel they were destined and built for each other. “Your skin, smile, teeth, and laugh are as unique as you. I know I will never be attracted to anyone as I am attracted to you.” Those were the words that seemed to cut through the heart, leaving her speechless for a while. Within the first few months, he was open about having a family and children of their own. Calixta remembered that and felt sorry for her since all that would remain in their dreams. It was a pity.

The most memorable moment was the time she was invited to meet his mother. One question lingered in her mind as she remembered that special moment. “How can I prove my love to you?” It was beautiful and romantic, but she was still annoyed due to the basic fact that they would not be together. At first, she was not extremely attracted to him, but she learned to love him with time. It was this love that they had built for a long time that was breaking. Calixta avoided thinking of how her life would be after that. “I don’t blame you, I may be stupid to hold on, but I have no choice.” The memory was alive. The number of battles, years and joys since they first met made her emotional that she cried like a toddler. They broke up, and each went their way.

Calixta is busy with housework oblivious to the approaching storm. Bibi, his son, on the other hand, is worried about his mother at the Friedheimer’s store. “Mama will be afraid,” he noted. “She shut the house. Maybe she got Sylvie helping her this evening. Bobinot reassured. They had decided to remain at the store. Calixta was at home sewing some clothed unaware of the approaching storm. What she was sweating profusely despite the weather is calm. When she stood up, she noticed a familiar figure that was passing across the hedge. Alcee Laballiere rode in at the gate in his horse. She peered keenly through the bedroom window and could not believe what she saw. Calixta knew for sure that she missed Alcee and had been eagerly waiting for his call. No, he did not call. Riding into her gate was the last thought she would have. Nevertheless, the long wait was over most unimaginably and unexpectedly. She heard the melody of the doorbell and Alcee’s low cheerful voice. Calixta passed down the corridor to the kitchen with thoughts feeling her brain. “Oh what’s happening?” she did not want to open the door since she tried to escape reality. For a moment, she stood motionless since she was not expecting him and opened the door sharply.

They embraced and hugged in a moment that captured their imagination to a time when the two lovebirds were buried in the waters of love. Alcee was tall, athletic and strong. He pressed her to the door frame and kissed her deeply, quickly grabbing her behinds with both hands. He carried her to the bedroom. They had not whispered a word at all since him showing up at the doorstep. Calixta grabbed him tighter on their vast. He efficiently pulled up her dress and noticed how beautiful she was despite having spent their time together before. They kissed hot and passionately. Within no time, she was licking his earlobe and running her hands across his chest.

Calixta got more worried about her family despite her distraction having been distracted by the presence of her ex-love. They talked for a while of how they missed each other and that the storm had brought them together. When the storm passed, Alcee left and promised to call her to catch up on some lost moments and stories. Alcee was worried. Bibi and Bobinot came home and found the mother in a happy mood. They never found out he was there. She was delighted to see her family once again. After a week, Alcee called Calixta asking if they would meet for dinner. “Alcee, this cannot work out as you expect it to be. You have a wife, and I have a husband. We have children who depend on us directly. It would not be prudent for us to go back to our former lives despite them holding precious memories in our hearts. “For a moment, he faced and accepted reality despite feeling heartbroken for the second time. Calixta was glad that he understood. They talked about the time they were together and deep in love. They spoke of the future which they would spend differently. The storm settled and they went back to their lives. When the storm was over, everybody was comfortable with the destiny of events.

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