Stories of Decameron

Stories of Decameron



Story of Decameron

In Decameron Novel 4 I, the story becomes tragic because of the death of Guiscardo who was killed because she was involved in love affair with Ghismonda.Therefore the story becomes tragic when his father conspires with Trancredi, who was the prince of Selemo. The story in Decameron 4 v becomes tragic when Lisabetta’s brother kill her lover. This murder is reveled to her when the murdered sweetheart appears to her in a dream. During this time, he tells Lisabetta where he was secretly buried. This evokes somber memories to her (Lee, A. C., 2005).

Later, the story becomes more tragic when Lisabetta takes the initiative to exhume her lover’s remains. As she boldly disinters his head and preserves it in a pot. This does not bring joy to her because it evokes sad memories to her. As a result, she weeps daily in the remembrance of this great tragic loss. As the story unfolds, it became more tragic especially after Lisabetta’s brothers snatch her pot in which she had preserved the head of the person she had treasured most in life. As Filomena concludes, this would not mark the end of tragedies because the incident later culminates into the death of Lisabetta.

On the other hand, Decameron 5 ends happily because of the fulfillment got from the struggles and challenges experienced by the lovers. Firstly, the presence of Fiametta becomes symbolic of good fortunes because of the light flames it brings. This would later mean good fortune at the end. All the disasters that the protagonists go through are not perpetual because they eventually come to an end when nature and tradition eliminates the thorn in the life of the suitors to give them go ahead in their marriage. After the death of Giadotto, da Cremona, he leaves behind a young lady to Giacomino da Pavia. Later, Pavia finds herself fixed between tow men each of whom was interested in her hand in marriage (Ginzburg, C., 2000).

They were Gianolle Di Severino and Minghino. She had to use her wits to play them out because as the story unfolded, it later emerged she had been considering Minghino as the most potential suitor. Despite the two gentlemen engaging in constant tussles over her, the whole issue is later resolved when it was discovered that Gianolle was her real brother. Thus, she was left with no choice, but to settle on Minghino and marry him. This does not bring regrets to her because of the above mentioned coincidence. As Neifile narrates, this marriage culminates into happiness and good fortune for the two lovebirds. Despite the misfortunes they had undergone, fate eventually favors them because they get an opportunity to forget about their troublesome past and establish a family (Boccaccio, G., 2008).

In conclusion, I would like to say that the three different stories involved a series of scaring tragedies. The disastrous experiences underwent by the protagonists and other characters in the stories were a clear indication that life was not all smooth. This is what was witnessed in Decameron 4 I and V which later ends by the death of one or all of the protagonists. The slaying of Ghismonda’s sweetheart marks the end of her life when she tragically terminates it through suicide. In Decameron 4 V, Lisabetta also dies immediately after hr lover. However, this tragic ending does not mark Decameron 5 which ends in a blissful mood when tussle between Minghinno and Gianole is later resolved. Upon discovering that the suitors were siblings, Giamono got an opportunity to marry Minghino whom she had been coincidentally favoring over her brother. This marks the happy ending of this story.


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