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Stony Brook School of Nursing Application Essay

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Stony Brook School of Nursing Application Essay

Personal Qualities and Attributes

I know being a nurse is both a rewarding and challenging profession because of its demanding nature. However, I firmly believe I possess exceptional personal qualities and attributes that will continue to serve me incredibly well in my future career endeavors. Firstly, I am an empathetic person. Because of my capacity for empathy, I will be able to put myself in the position of my patients and treat each one uniquely. Secondly, I pay close attention to detail, which I believe will help me complete my nursing tasks with accuracy and thoroughness and avoid medical errors. Moreover, I am a kind person, and it is in my nature to care about the well-being of those around me, which will help me provide friendly nursing care. I also possess exceptional teamwork skills. Lastly, I possess exceptional interpersonal skills, with the ability to interact with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds. This attribute will enable me to establish a healthy relationship with patients as I help them during their vulnerable times.

Despite the personal skills and attributes that I feel I have fully developed; I also have other skills that need further development in preparation for my nursing profession. Firstly, I need to improve my time management skills because I understand that being a nurse means working in a pressurized and fast-paced environment. I want to sharpen my time management skills so that in the future, I can have all my tasks completed on time despite the pressure in the profession. Secondly, my communication skills will need to be developed further as I prepare to enter nursing. Although I can communicate effectively with patients, their family members, and my colleagues with ease, I need to further develop my communication skills to a point where I can decipher my patients’ feelings through listening and understanding their body language as well as learn how to share vital information with the patient’s family.

Definition of key Concepts and their Application in Nursing Professional Practice

In my view, cultural competence can be defined as the healthcare providers’ capability to render quality healthcare to patients while demonstrating cultural awareness of their race, beliefs, and values. As a nurse, I will incorporate cultural competence in my professional practice by respecting and not judging patients’ religious backgrounds and beliefs and encouraging them to do what works best for them. On the other hand, ethical sensitivity entails giving attention to ethical values that are involved in a conflicting situation and self-awareness of one’s responsibility and role in such a situation. In my future practice as a nurse, I will incorporate ethical sensitivity by ensuring that ethical guidelines, especially those pertaining to sharing patient data with a third party, such as a family member, are upheld. Leadership is the act of leading and directing a group of people. I will incorporate leadership in my nursing practice by leading patients and answering all their questions about their medical conditions compassionately and professionally. Life-long learning, in my view, is a form of self-motivated education aimed at personal development. I will incorporate life-long learning in my nursing profession by enrolling in online nursing career development courses.

How Graduate Education in Nursing Will Impact my Future Career Goals

Graduate education in nursing will serve as a stepping stone towards the realization of my future career goal of rendering quality healthcare services to patients and touching many lives globally. Firstly, graduate education will equip me with relevant skills for rendering improved patient care. This is because, through graduate education, I will be able to learn advanced and additional techniques to improve the quality of care rendered to patients. Also, graduate education will help improve my healthcare decision-making skills. Through graduate education, I will be able to advance my knowledge of how to apply data to make proper decisions through evidence-based practice.

Furthermore, graduate education will expand my healthcare knowledge, impacting my future career goals. This will be made possible through covering topics such as healthcare research analysis and healthcare innovation, which are covered in detail at the graduate level. Graduate education will equip me with new nursing skills. For instance, I will learn how to automate clinical care, a skill I currently do not have. Graduate education will also improve knowledge and capacity to play an integral role in driving change within community health. For instance, graduate education will provide me with relevant skills for developing, planning, implementing, and evaluating health programs and services for needy people.

Also, graduate education will expand my career opportunities, making it easier for me to serve a large patient population and touch more patients’ lives, which is my main future career goal. Lastly, graduate education will allow me to specialize in my most passionate area of healthcare and focus my career solely on this field. I feel more privileged to facilitate elder patient treatment by performing point-of-care tests, prioritizing their treatment, and making them content with the kind of medical care I accord them. I wish to become a gerontologist and render quality healthcare to elderly patients in the US. For years, elderly patients in the US have been receiving about half of the recommended. I want to specialize in gerontology and ensure that elderly patients receive quality care. This will allow me to meet my career goal of rendering quality healthcare and touching the lives of many patients.

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