Statement of Research Intent



Statement of Research Intent Guidelines

Applicants will write a statement of research intent outlining how they plan to pursue research in the field of leadership studies.The PhD in Leadership at Anderson University pursues topics in: theories of leadership and followership,ethics, spirituality, communication, effectiveness, strategy, and topics in organizational culture,behavior, and change. 


Research focus ought to specialize in a particular industry, including: business,ministry, education, criminal justice, healthcare, and non-profit/social sectors. In no more than 4 single spaced pages (2000 words), write a statement of research intent responding to the following:



What is the area of research that particularly interests you?

  • Why you are choosing this area of research?
  • How has your experience (personal, professional and/or academic) prepared you to enter this program and explore this avenue of research?
  • How do you plan to use this degree upon graduation? (one final paragraph)

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