Formatting Criteria:

– letter or essay format (please do not copy the questions below into your essay)

– minimum 500 words

– include your full name at the top

The questions below are essay prompts for you to use to help you compose your Statement of Purpose. Please do not copy them into your essay:

As a future Primary Care NP please tell us:

1. Please indicate the factors that have led you to pursue a MS in Nursing as an NP and your understanding of the specific role of an NP.

2. How have your experiences and/or skills (i.e. clinical/academic) prepared you for graduate studies and online learning?

3. If you have any course grades or a cumulative GPA below 3.0, please address the factors that contributed to this and identify strategies that you will employ in this program to ensure your success

4. A typical student spends on average 20 hours each week on their didactic courses and

more during clinical semesters. Given your professional and personal obligations, please

briefly explain your approach to online learning and how you will accommodate the necessary academic and clinical requirements?

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years as an NP (i.e. setting, scope of practice, change agent etc.)

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