Assume for this exercise that you are working for an organization known as ASDF Industries, Inc. It is a mid-sized (approximately 1000 employees) manufacturing company of industrial machinery of several different types. They design and manufacture custom equipment based upon their client’s requests. They employ designers, engineers, project managers, traffic managers, expediters and process consultants. They are on the cutting edge of innovation—up to the current year and beyond! You have recently (in the past three months) been appointed to be the first actual Business Continuity (BCO) officer in view of your graduate work and management skills and expressed interest. The CEO, Bunsen Burneur, Ph.D., has charged you with an important responsibility. Here is an excerpt from a memorandum sent to you this morning: 


For an upcoming training exercise, Dr.Burneur would like to review your response to a sample recovery case as is found on the attached document. Here, we use the Sprey-Cote company for the environment. 

You will now create the case!  see this document for the case details

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