For this assignment, address the following:

Topics: Review the table of contents in the textbook.

> Choose a communication skill that you believe you need to improve. This skill can also be your CCC 1E statement (from Week 1).
> Put together a numbered list of at least 6 communication presentation topics you might have an interest in researching and developing for the Week 6 Assignment: Presentation. This must be about communication.
> Rank the topics with your strongest choice at the top of the list and the others in descendingorder.

Sources: Using your first-topic choice, do the following:

> Write a paragraph about why you choose this topic.
> List 3 APA formatted references (on a references page) that would be suitable as research sources to support a presentation. These should be in addition to your textbook and not come from the open Web (e.g., a Google search, a blog, or Wikipedia). The best place to look is the Chamberlain University Library.

Your professor will approve or deny your topic, so make sure that you review his/her comments in the gradebook.

1 page (not including references page), 1 inch margins , double spaced, 12 points

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