Complete the following requirements:

  2. Application of Course Knowledge


This week, you will consider assessment questions and appropriate interventions related to social determinants of health. Healthy physical, social, and economic environments strengthen the potential to achieve health and well-being. The nurse practitioner (NP) must assess all facets of clients’ health during a comprehensive health history.

 Identify the assigned topics: Neighborhood and built environment


Examine the overview of your assigned social determinant of health on the HealthyPeople (Links to an external site.) website. Define the determinant.

Describe how the assigned social determinant could impact the health outcomes of a client.

Identify what information the NP could gather to assess the impact of the determinant for the client.

Discuss at least two online, national, or local resources available for at-risk clients and families for the selected determinant.


  1. Integration of Evidence: Provide support from a minimum of one scholarly in-text citation . no later than 5 years.

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Considering our weekly

readings on the social determinants of health and rural populations, discuss at least two social

determinants that impact the health of rural populations.


Describe policies or a (proposed) policy that would facilitate increased accessed to any

particular social determinant. Specifically state and define the determinant you will discuss.  Use/summarize weekly readings to respond to this discussion


Social determinants as listed in attached are :

– economic stability

– education

– social and community context

– health and health care

– neighborhood and built environment  (more…)

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