• Rojas, Theory for the Working Sociologist, Chapter 2, p. 26-38
  • Lemert, Social Theory
    • Pierre Bourdieu
      • “Structures, Habitus, Practice”
    • Lareau, A. 1987. “Social Class Differences in Family-School Relationships: The Importance of Cultural Capital.” Sociology of Education 60(2):73-85.
    • Bonilla-Silva, E., & Forman, T. A. 2000. “‘I Am Not a Racist But…’ Mapping White College Students’ Racial Ideology in the USA.” Discourse & Society 11(1): 50-85.
    • Assignment: Class will pull polling data from the last presidential election. Select two theoretical concepts from the readings to discuss the attitudes and preferences of voters. The data on voter perceptions will come from the polling data. This reaction paper should be two pages, not including the attached polling data.

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