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  1. Using a patient seen in their clinical setting: Please choose any diagnosis.
  4. Using the 6-step learner-centered SNAPPS model to mimic a real-life presentation to the preceptor by:
    • Briefly summarizing the relative history and findings;
    • Narrowing the differential to three relevant possibilities using the pertinent 
    • positive and negative findings;
    • Analyzing the differential by comparing and contrasting the possibilities;
    • Probing the preceptor by asking questions about uncertainties, difficulties, or alternative approaches;
    • Identifying a treatment plan for the patient; and
    • Select a case-related issue for self-directed learning
  5. In addition to the oral presentation, the student will submit the written findings of their research for the case-related, self-directed learning topic that was identified in the presentation.
  7. The written portion of this assignment will be submitted on the “SNAPPS Template for Written Assignment” using appropriate evidence-based, scholarly references and using appropriate APA reference and in-text citations.



Part 2



The written portion of this assignment should be prepared using the following guidelines:

  2. The student’s findings of the self-directed learning topic must be completed on the “SNAPPS WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT TEMPLATE (Links to an external site.)”.
  4. The report should be between 5-7 paragraphs in length, discussing something learned from the student’s research about the self-directed learning topic.
  6. Correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling should be observed.
  8. In-text citations and reference page should be written in APA format and scholarly evidence-based medicine (EBM) references must be used.

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