Student Learning Outcome 1

Evaluate the theoretical bases for nursing as they support organizations in achievement of adaptation and culturally competent care for healthcare delivery.

DNP Essential Domain 1: Knowledge for Nursing Practice

Descriptor: Integration, translation, and application of established and evolving disciplinary nursing knowledge and ways of knowing, as well as knowledge from other disciplines, including a foundation in liberal arts and natural and social sciences. This distinguishes the practice of professional nursing and forms the basis for clinical judgment and innovation in nursing practice.


Please complete the following:

  • Review the Student Learning Outcome (SLO)and the DNP Essential.
  • Discuss how you plan to meet the SLOs and the Essentials at this stage of your Scholarly Practice Project (SPP).
  • Review the entry-level and advanced-level sub-competencies in the DNP Essentials. Examine what may be applicable to your project.
  • Create a Word document that will become a living document, which you will continuously revisit and adapt as you progress through NU740–743.
  • Upload your Word document to this assignment for instructor review and feedback.

The purpose of this assignment is to recognize how the SLOs and DNP Essentials influence your SPP and nursing practice. The goal is to document how you have met all nine SLOs and DNP Essentials upon DNP graduation.

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