Skills of case management nurses

Case management With all the moving parts in this role, you may be wondering what skills you need to succeed in it. Indeed, because of all the coordination involved in case management nursing, being organized is crucial. And as with any job in the healthcare system, keeping clear records and being able to juggle multiple tasks is imperative.

Communication is also an important skill to have as a case management nurse. “Sometimes, the job also entails dealing with worried family members,” says Mitchell, “So it’s not just medical—you need to be good at communicating with others.”

Having a good bedside manner is another necessary trait for this type of nursing. Because case management nurses work so closely with patients and their families or caregivers who are often stressed or confused with the healthcare system, they need to be able to be kind and considerate in their communications.

The best case management nurses balance this compassion with a strong backbone. As they often advocate for a patient, they need to be able to hold their ground and get the patient the best care.

Patience is another critical trait for case managers. Coordinating care among multiple providers and insurers (each with its own byzantine systems and communication gaps) can be a frustrating experience, particularly for new case managers. The flip side of this, of course, is the satisfaction that comes with helping a patient successfully navigate the red tape and getting them set up with exactly what they need in a timely manner.

Is case management nursing the track for you?

With the focus on patient advocacy and involvement in all stages of the healthcare process, case management nursing is unique among the different nursing specialties. Waking up each day and helping patients get the best care possible and navigate the healthcare system can be an incredibly rewarding career and area of nursing.

Even with its unique place in the nursing world, case management nursing shares the standard nursing requirement of being a registered nurse (RN).

Luckily, if you’re ready for a fulfilling career as a case management nurse, there are options to quickly gain this important credential.


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