The major focus of this week’s Paper will be the Significance section. Review page 282 of Moran, Burson & Conrad (2020) that outlines the elements to be included in the significance expanding on the introduction. According to Moran Burson and Conrad (2020) “Why is it important for this work to be completed? What are the problems that have been identified, and what are the implications? Why should the reader be interested in this topic?” (p.282). The significance sections provide the reader with an understanding of the problem and where the problem is occurring. (Moran et al., 2020).



Remember my topic is on COPD……….


In the significance section you will address the importance of the identified problem to nursing practice, research, education, leadership and/or administration. Please briefly describe how implementation of your scholarly practice project may impact nursing practice. You will want to provide the reader why your topic is significant in regards to nursing practice, research, education, leadership and/or administration. Therefore you will have four paragraphs, one for nursing practice, one for research, one for education and one for leadership /administration. Each with a scholarly article to support.



  • Moran, K. J., Burson, R., & Conrad, D. (2020). The doctor of nursing practice project: A framework for success (3rd ed.). Jones & Bartlett Learning.



Please write more on the significance to

 nursing practice



leadership and/administration











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