You will complete a short essay about Alice Walker

Your research will consist of locating information that will cover the following;

  • An introduction of your selected topic, person or movement
  • The tone of society during the period in which your selected individual or topic was essential
  • The significant contributions that assisted African Americans during that period and the evolution of the African Americans identity
  • How your selected individual or topic connects to present day
  • Any additional pertinent information
    • What is the purpose of my research?
    • What is the most important piece/s of information pertaining to my
      • Is the information clear and accurate?
    • What questions formulated when reading and analyzing the information?
    • What assumptions do I have pertaining to the information?

When researching you should think about, and use the following information;

selected individual or topic?

Conduct a quick analysis of the information housed within the sources before including it within your paper.

  • The sources should be Peer-Reviewed
  • APA Style
  • 2-pages

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