This is a group paper.  I’m responsible for the Review of Literature section. Once I complete my section everyone else’s parts will revolve around mine. Therefore the only section I need completed is the Review of Literature which includes the Breadth & Depth, Analysis & Logic, and Summary. Any questions feel free to message me, thank you. 


Concept Analysis Group Paper Rubric –100 Possible Points


The introduction discusses rationale for selection of the concept for analysis. How does the concept fit with your plans for advanced practice and your capstone? Provide an overview of the paper–3 points


Review of the Literature

Breadth & Depth: Review includes different uses of the concept from 2 different disciplines’ (nursing and 1 other) areas of the literature. At least 4 different sources are reviewed for each discipline (for a total of at least 8 sources). –10 points

Analysis and Logic: The reader can follow the writer’s train of thought. There is evidence the writer has analyzed the source. Terms identified as antecedents, criteria, and consequences are logical based on the review of the literature. The antecedents, criteria, and consequences flow out of the literature review–10 points

Summary: The summary of the literature review compares and contrasts the antecedents, criteria, and consequences you considered from each discipline– 5 points 


Selected Antecedents, Criteria, and Consequences

A condensed list of antecedents, criteria and consequences is given. The concept cannot be used in adjective form in the list. Each category (antecedents, criteria, and consequences) has 2 or more words or phrases, but no more than 6. If there are more words in any one category, most likely two or more can be synthesized into a more abstract term. The list is logical and clearly reflects the references reviewed. –10 points


Rationale for Selection

The rationale for the selection of these antecedents, criteria, and consequences as essential is given. This discussion should include the rationale for excluding any of the characteristics identified in the literature review. You need to explain any characteristics you synthesized into a more abstract term. The rationale reflects analysis and synthesis of the information found during the review– 5 points 


Personal Definitions of Concept

A concise theoretical definition of the concept is presented (7) (All criteria are evident in the definition)An operational definition of the concept is given that includes empirical indicators and is congruent with the theoretical definition (3)–10 points


Schematic Model

Schematic Model shows the antecedents, criteria, and consequences of the concept. Relationships among all components and within each group of components are displayed and explained (10)The meanings of any symbols are also explained (5)–15 points



Implications of the concept to nursing practice (2)What have you learned about the concept that you can use in your current or future practice and/or in your capstone? (5)What issues were raised by your analysis? (3)The ability to draw logical conclusions and apply them to nursing practice demonstrates the student’s ability to use formal reasoning skills (5)–15 points


Sources cited correctly in the text (5), Reference list complete and correct (5), Paper length (excluding title page and refs) no more than 12 pages (2), Peer evaluation (5)–17 points

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