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Possible Topics for the Second

Paper (7


1. Select an individual

an artist, scientist, musician, writer, or

other creative figure

and discuss his or her creative process.

You should use primary materials, interviews, and secondary

works to support your ideas. What factors

contributed to their

creative success? Can you identify any particular social or

personal elements that may have been important?

2. Following the same format as above, select an artistic

movement or group of individuals known for a distinctive style


type of creative work. This could also be an academic

discipline. Describe the creative process as it applies to this

group, discipline, or artistic movement.

3. Pick a historical period

Ancient Greece, Qing Ch


Modernism, the Renaissance

and describe the creative forces

at work in that period. What factors helped to shape the

creative production during that particular


4. Identify and discuss the latest research on creativity. What

are the most recent ideas concerning the development

and nature of creativity, and what are the implications of these


5. Produce a creative work yourself. This may be a poem, a

short story, a painting, or some other form of creative work. In

addition, you must provide an analysis of the creative

process both in terms of your own experience of being creative and how you go about this. Your analysis should discuss


process of creativity as we have explored it in the course of the


MLA Format required

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