and the Mercelli scale. A seismometer measures the intensity of the earthquake. It is an instrument that measures earthquake’s vibrations and where the vibrations get plotted on the seismograph. It is employed for large earthquakes. Richter scale is utilized for measurement of energy of the tremor of the earthquake. It has a scale of 0-10 scaled in logarithmic scale where 10 indicate the highest whereas 0 as the lowest or no detection captured. Researchers allocate a greatness rating to quakes in view of the quality and term of their seismic waves. A shake of the earth measuring 3 – 5 is viewed as minor or light; 5 – 7 is moderate to solid; 7 – 8 is major; and 8 or more is awesome. The Mercalli scale uses numerals I – XII. It measures the intensity the earthquake just as the Richter scale. A seismic tremor force of I is for the most part not felt

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