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Textbooks (Free!) :

OS : OpenStax Psychology : cnx.org/contents/Sr8Ev5Og@9.33:F_mjYFfh@22

PSP : Principles of Social Psychology : opentextbc.ca/socialpsychology/

Identify a question you have about social psychology (some topic related to a theme in this class that you want to learn MORE about), and use google scholar to find scientific research on the topic, and then do a QUICK SCAN of the article. You don’t need to read every word – I just want y’all to get some practice getting the main ideas from a topic.

  1. While searching for an article, what is some of the jargon that researchers use to describe this topic?
  2. How much research does there seem to be on this topic?
  3. What can you learn about the topic just from scanning the titles of the results?
  4. Which article seems like the most important, or most relevant to your question? Why?
  5. Pick this article – what is this article? Use the Google Scholar ” button to export the citation here in APA format.
  6. Who wrote the article (authors) and where was it published (journal)? Do you trust this source? Why / why not?
  7. Use the “cited by” feature to see who has referenced this article. Do there seem to be any controversies in this research (replication efforts; different results; etc.)?
  8. What is something you learned about this topic from the article? Where in the article did you read this information?

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