*Please review all the attachments and follow them*

The company name with the site visit is Orpic

The attached slides are example

You have to be detailed in:

Analyse potential hazards :

fire and explosion due to ignition of flammable vapors or gases, and hydrogen sulfide, electrical and other hazardous energy Mechine hazards.


In this assessment, each student should attend a site visit to ANY (Subjected to module tutor site visit) refinery or any other petrochemical plant in Oman. Then the student should prepare a report of 2000 words based on that visit observation. The report should include critical analysis of the aspects as given below;

  • Recognize and analyse the potential hazards that observed in the workplace during your site visit, consider the hazards of electricity and static electricity, and identify the factors leading to accidents. In addition, take steps to eliminate or reduce those risks.
  • Discuss the techniques that used for firefighting and rescue in the site.
  • Discuss in details the company policy to integrate the HSE in the company management system. However, identify the safety standards adopted by the company and show if needs any improvement.
  • Evaluate environmental impacts of the visited site, taking into account the effects of oil spillage on the environment.


  • Attending the site visit is mandatory to complete this task without which submissions cannot be accepted, or otherwise results in deduction of 10 marks.
  • You must line spacing 1.5 with normal margins on all four sides of word document.
  • The entire course (text, pictures, photos, statistics, and table) should be printed in black and white, while no additional marks will be allotted if submitted in colour.
  • Article text should be word processed, typed in A-4 paper size in Times New Roman fonts with 12 point while captions should be sentence case.
  • Content headings should be Times New Roman font with 14 point, bold and capitalize each word.
  • The article should have a clear distinctive heading in conjunction to the text.

Note: Harvard style referencing and citations standards should be followed. It is extremely important that students correctly paraphrase all sources, pictures, tables, statistics, and direct quotations. Also, mention the word count at the end of the report.

Marking Criteria

Your work will be assessed on the overall submitted report. Its weightage is indicative to knowledge and understanding, ability to analysis of the document, evaluation and conclusion, citation/referencing and presentation of the overall piece of work.

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