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Rogerian Argument on Police Brutality

In this paper, I will analyze and respond to an argument on the Police Brutality article regarding policing in the United States. This argument is in the form of the Rogerian argument style. It is evident that police brutality has turned out to be more of a worry within the last two decades. There have been frequent riots, and fatal shootings are becoming common. In several shootings, police officers are not held accountable for their murders; hence, they will continue with the same mistake. From the article, ‘Police Brutality in the United States, the excessive and unwarranted use of force against civilians by the police, police brutality has a negative impact on society. It is significant to scrutinize the different perspectives of police brutality (Leornard). The occupation of being a police officer is a dangerous job, and they are more than probably to be put in circumstances when extreme force is required. However, other times they use excessive forces for their personal whys and wherefores, such as racism. The issue of them using excessive force ought to be of great concern, but both society and the public should regard it.

Forms of police brutality have ranged from torture, assault and battery, murder, and mayhem. Some wider descriptions of police brutality as well include verbal abuse, intimidation, and harassment, among other forms of mistreatment. The police officers who are still the law enforcement personnel, like all other individuals, have downsides, and the state of affairs they face are most times dangerous and need a rapid response. They happen to serve as an integral part of society as its protectors. The career of a police officer is considered honorable since they catch criminals, save lives, and are concerned with the keeping of order. The model cop does not constantly correspond to realism. Besides the few good cops who save lives and are at all times ready to provide assistance, there is always a bad cop who is not noticed by the superiors. Occasionally, individuals, influenced by power, who did not have the chance to recognize their desire, fall into police officers’ positions. The price of unlawful police doings is very high. It is demonstrated in undermining respect for law enforcement establishments, which produces a split between society and the police.

For the reason that some police officers are ruthless in situations when it is not required, their brutality should be addressed. Some might feel as if excessive force is essential when tackling the so-called criminals. Many people are stuck in the outlook that all law enforcement officers are there to offer assistance, and the amount of force depends on the victim. This is an instance of what persons on the opposing side have to assert. Police have a tough but very significant role within our society which is to protect and serve. The exact kind of their position at the front-line denotes they often find themselves in the most violent of conditions. Such risky circumstances depend on instinct and even self-protection to keep situations from getting out of hand. This information is partially true; however, self-defense does not need a police officer to use excessive force on the individuals in the society. Another opposing statement was made by a writer known as Summer Tyme which asserts that “I have never been a police officer, I can go by what I have seen on law enforcement shows, the news, and my experience in my society. I think they are given a hard enough job devoid of being accused of police brutality every time some criminal acquires a bruise.” (Tyme). The statement gives all the more reasons to communicate reasons for having viewpoints against police brutality. We should be against police brutality, and in any case, excessive force is not always required. Those people who oppose this statement should deliberate on the negative consequences of police brutality on innocent persons and society. There are so many people who have been killed, yet they were not on the wrong side of the law.

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