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Rhetorical Analysis of Code Switching from Blogs


Code-switching gets construed as a condition where a speaker alternates two or more languages to create a comprehensive meaning of an action or art that the information characterizes. Majorly, artists and politicians used code-switching to deliver their information to the audience for an array of message conceptualizations. My analysis of code-switching depicts a scenario where Rihanna, a celerity icon code, switches to release the anti, asexual exploration of womanhood, relationships, loneliness, and success that characterizes her situation. Also, senator Bernie Sanders used Code-switching to woo the African American votes. Therefore, the paper uses rhetorical analysis to examine the code-switching of Rihanna and Bernie Sanders.

Rhetorical Analysis


Rihanna uses code-switching to represent the sexual exploration of women. Through her Bajan accent, which the white audience finds unfamiliar, Rihanna conceptualizes the information on the need to protect feminism in society. However, the audience responded to the code-switching with ignorance (LanguagesinConflict 1). Also, the audience thought she was speaking nonsense hence having a sad feeling that Rihanna should change her motive of singing. Continuous incorporation of the Caribbean English Creole using the elements of syntax created a mixed reaction by the audience but sent the information to those who could understand her motive. Consequently, Bernie Sanders used code-switching in his campaign to woo African American voters to support his candidate (Diaz 2). The African Americans felt that the Bernie Sanders team was with them, creating an emotion o the need to vote for the team.


The logic was spoken by Rihanna when she used code-switching to speak about the need to fight against the social marginalization that women have undergone in several countries. Also, the logic of code-switching acted as a representation o recognizing the Jamaican Patois and Caribbean Creole, which depicts the oppression and the Eurocentric dominance that the African Americans had undergone (LanguagesinConflict 2). Bernie Sanders continues to use Logos through the logical argument about the inclusivity of African Americans in the governments during his political campaign (Diaz 2). The logic creates a sense of belonging where the youth will fight against the social oppression in society.


Ethos involves the use of ethics in Rihanna’s song. Rihanna uses code-switching to ethically conceptualize the musical information she needs to deliver to a broad audience (LanguagesinConflict 1). Moreover, Ethos is applied by Bernier sander in his campaign that included the Code Switching to create a sense of oneness with the Arica American youths.

Language, Audience, Tone, Purpose, Stance, or Structure

Rihanna was singing to the white audience to protect the feminine through the use of the Caribbean creole structures. Also, Bernie Sanders used the African American accent to lure the youth to support their candidates using a linguistic structure that youths can easily conceptualize (Diaz 1). He saw that he would gain more votes from the young black Americans.


The application of code-switching has enabled Rihanna to deliver information on the need to protect women against aggression in society. Also, Bernie Sander has used code-switching to lure the African American youth to vote for his kin senatorial position. As such, the rhetorical analysis of Rihanna and Bernie Sander’s use of Code Switching has conceptualized the use of logic, emotions, and ethics.

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