1. Point 1: The goal of this paper is to allow you to analyze how “historiography” is an ongoing process largely influenced by the news media.

Point 2: For this assignment, you are going to pick a specific, single international event and examine how this event is presented by different news media sources from around the globe. You are being asked to compare the articles you have selected for this assignment and discuss how the differing ways in which the event you have chosen actually reflects more than the “plain” facts, but rather reveals complex layers of social values, assumptions, biases, beliefs and meanings by each of your articles’ authors.

2. 1.How does news media influence historiography?

2.What do the similarities and differences between the newspaper article illustrate about the writing of history/ “plain facts?” How are those differences/similarities significant?


  1. Op Eds
  2. Topics like “sporting events, a natural disaster, a health crisis or an outbreak of disease”
  3. Articles that were written more than two days apart from one another
  4. Topics that were written more than two months before the announcement of this assignment
  5. repeating articles that come from the same country as one another (each article needs to come from a different country)
  6. Using less than four articles
  7. Writing a paper that is less than 2000 words
  8. Forgetting a bibliography


  1. Necessary Context to understand the paper topic (What is the paper about..)
  2. Your thesis statement/argument (What is your argument?)
  3. A concluding statement ( for this paper, it can look like a short description of methodology) (How will you be making your argument?)


1.Compare and Contrast the articles (This can look like a description of the articles/an outline of those differences and similarities)

2. Use quotes and examples from the articles

2.Explain why those similarities or differences matter (i.e how do they support your overall argument/thesis statement?)



  • They are not summaries, they are reflections
  • The moment in your paper in which you reflect on why what you said matters
  • For this paper that means: Why does these differences and similarities in these newspaper articles matter for our understanding historiography?

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