i have written a short story however need it to be revised.

what my teacher said i should work on “I enjoyed reading your story! Consider using dialogue to move the action forward and sensory details to create imagery. This also helps with character development. I enjoyed learning about Anastasia, but I felt like I didn’t really understand her full motivation and the story still left me with question”

INSTRUCTIONS Four pieces must be included with your submission:

  1. The original short story
  2. The revised short story
  3. A written description of the specific revisions that have taken place and what you hope they accomplish (for example, that you have experimented with different line breaks in your poem and what effect this has had or that you have changed your story’s point of view from first person to third person and what effect this has had, etc. Make note of any and all changes made.)

Also, edit and proofread as needed.

at the end of the assignment i will need you to also give me feed back on a fellow students short story in 150 words.

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