10 hours for a review of the literature on Covid-19, or disaster/emergency preparedness and how nurses respond.


You must turn in three separate field notes – So your additional two notes must incorporate educational activities and literature review for each note with 2-3 paragraphs per activity – summary, your thoughts, and appropriate synthesis of information with leadership and regulatory. 

Synthesis of material is an essential component in scholarly writing. During the fieldwork experience, the student will complete 3 field notes summarizing in the fieldwork that relate to leadership and to regulatory issues in nursing. 





· All writing – strict attention to APA forma


Below is the field work portfolio expectation 



The first page of your fieldwork portfolio should be your title page, which should include Fieldwork Portfolio centered as your title, followed by your name and the number of the course (NU623: Regulatory Issues in Nursing Leadership), and the date submitted.

The second page should be your Table of Contents, which should list the sections of your portfolio followed by page numbers listed to the right of the section.

Your portfolio should list the following items:

· Executive Summary and Reflection

· Reference List

· Summary Table of Hours

· Field Note 1

· Field Note 2

· Field Note 3

· Preceptor’s Resume

· Fieldwork Proposal Form

The first section of your portfolio contains your Executive Summary and Reflection of your fieldwork experience. This is an eight- to ten-page, double-spaced summary of your fieldwork activities and a reflection on this experience written in APA format. In your summary and reflection, include the following:

1. Identify and describe the organization and site (location) where you completed your fieldwork. What type of patient population or community does it serve? What is the size of the organization?

2. Discuss why you selected this facility/organization and/or this particular preceptor or nursing role. Identify your preceptor’s position in the organization and the responsibilities she/he has.

3. Describe the project or activity you were engaged in at your fieldwork site. Discuss what your goals were and evaluate whether your goals were achieved. Identify and discuss any goals that were not achieved.

4. To what extent was your project affected by or did your project contribute to current health policy or legislative issues, healthcare regulations, quality and safety, accreditation, the nurse of the future competencies, nurse credentialing/certification, nurse-physician communication and collaboration, and/or healthcare team effectiveness? Give example(s) of how your project contributed to one or more of these areas.

5. As you reflect on this fieldwork, what did you learn from this experience and from your mentor/preceptor?

6. What did you learn about your mentor’s style of leadership, his/her leadership skills, abilities, etc.?

7. What did you learn about yourself and/or your own practice of le

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