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Response to the QuestionsQuestion 1

If I had to choose someone for an accountant’s job, I would prefer an individual who is high in conscientiousness. This trait signifies a personality characteristic of being diligent or careful. It denotes a yearning to do a job well and to take duties to others seriously. Having a Conscientious accountant will be helpful since he/she will tend to be effective and well organized instead of disorderly and easy-going. An accountant with this trait will manage to exercise self-control and self-discipline to achieve their goals ultimately.

Question 2

Supposed I was hiring a person to do a job requiring high performance; I would prefer a type-A person. Such individuals are first in whatever they do, in a hurry, motivated, stress-prone, and impatient. Type A personality usually signifies that someone finds time valuable.

Question 4

If I suspect that a person I am dealing with is high in Machiavellianism, I can protect myself from that person by utilizing my emotional intelligence and rise above it. Working on my confidence I another essential step to deal with such a person. Improving the performance, reducing stress, and easing anxiety is a great way to build self-esteem, allowing me to look at that person in the eye and assert my preference with grace and politely.

Question 5

Given my personality, the article “What Introverts and Extroverts Need during the Lockdown” gives me helpful ideas. Covid-19 lockdowns are impacting extroverts and introverts very differently. Being an introvert is beneficial to me. Introverts seem to be more reserved and quiet. Given that there are no disturbances, introverts can intensely submerge themselves in solitary research or writing activities for long periods.

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