Research Topic Selection Instructions


For your course research paper (due in Module/Week 7), you will research and write about one of the non-traditional views of the days of Genesis 1 held by some Evangelicals and compare/contrast it with a traditional 24-hour day, young-Earth view of Genesis 1. Please read the research paper instructions to familiarize yourself with the assignment. After doing that, look over the list of non-traditional views below and select one for evaluation.


For this Research Topic Selection, submit the following to your instructor:

The view you have chosen from the list provided below.

A brief (3–4 sentence) description of what this view proposes.

What it is about this view that interests you.

This written assignment must be 100–125 words in length.


The non-traditional views the days of Genesis 1 from which you may select are provided, along with notable proponents:

Ancient Science / Mythology Denis Lamoureux, Peter Enns

Analogical Days C. John Collins

Cosmic Temple John Walton

Gap Theory Thomas Chalmers, Arthur Custance, C. I. Scofield

Framework Hypothesis Richard Averbeck, Meredith Kline

Progressive Creation / Day-Age Hugh Ross, Gleason Archer

Theological History Tremper Longman III



Submit this assignment by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 2.

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