TOPIC: What is the relationship between internet access and education? FILLER TEXT

Required components

? 10-12 pages double spaced

? 5 academic references

? 5 empirical tables:

1. How many people have education

2. How many people have internet access.

3.Overlapping educaiton and internet

4. Sum of internet access by education

5. Everyone having any type of internet access

Paper Outline

? Introduction 3 paragraphs at least

? Literature (includes complete citations at end of paper)

? Theory ( In the theory we need to talk about what economist think is the reasoning behind the relationship between Wifi and Education on the 5 articles and 2 articles from class resources will provide)

? Data and sample description ( using Questionnaire to do it and that I provided explain about the survey like how many people do it)

? Empirical Approach

? Results

? Conclusion

Overall exposition (writing style) 10 points ? Did you proofread? Are there grammatical errors? Are sentences organized and easy to read/follow? ?

Each section of the paper graded on scale of 1 to 3 (7 sections, 20 points) ? 1 will represent that you attempted the section ? 2 will represent that there has been more than minimum effort ? 3 will represent sufficient completion of the section ? 4 will represent that you have adequately completed a section ? 5 will represent excellence in the section ? Tables will get 10 points overall ? Five tables, one summary statistic and four analysis tables

Tables will be graded on the clarity of the information they conveyFILLER TEXT

Use 5 academic references to help write the paper but you can use these 5 if you want to Article: How does Internet information seeking help academic performance? – The moderating

and mediating roles of academic self-efficacy…

Yu-Qian Zhua. “How Does Internet Information Seeking Help Academic Performance? – The

Moderating and Mediating Roles of Academic Self-Efficacy.” Computers & Education,

Pergamon, 21 July 2011

Article: Internet Access and Education: Key considerations for policy makers…

“Internet Access and Education: Key Considerations for Policy Makers.” Internet Society

Journal: The Internet and Knowledge Gaps: A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation…

Bonfadelli, Heinz. “The Internet and Knowledge Gaps: A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation

– Heinz Bonfadelli, 2002.”

Article: Projecting the economic impact of the internet…

Litan, Robert, E., and Alice M. Rivlin. 2001. “Projecting the Economic Impact of the Internet.”

American Economic Review, 91 (2): 313-317.

Article: How Classroom Environment and Student Engagement Affect Learning in Internet-

based MBA Courses…

J.B. Arbaugh. “How Classroom Environment and Student Engagement Affect Learning in

Internet-based MBA Courses.” University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, Jan 1, 2000

for the Literature parts please included 5 articles. You can find your own as long as it is academic articles.FILLER TEXT

you have to make 5 graphs which I already describe above and base on the survey I included.FILLER TEXT

these are the survey and the data from the survey:FILLER TEXT


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