Characterisation of Powder Premix Flowability

Company: Aromaz Pte Ltd

Aromaz Pte Ltd is a nutraceutical powder processing and manufacturer for both supermarket and food services products. Recently, there is a huge demand for nutraceutical, superfood and clean label products in the market. As such, there is a need to reduce or eliminate the use of anti-caking agent in products. On the other hand, as a manufacturer, it is crucial for products to have good powder flowability as it affects the machinability and rate of production for powder sachet packing. The project aims to characterise powder premix flowability and understand how processing conditions and ingredients in the formulation affect the powder flowability.


1) To characterise powder flowability of various powder categories using shear cell for texture analyser.

2) To build a flowability chart and understand how the formulation and ingredients (acid, sugar and salt) interaction affect the powder flowability and machinability in production packing (DOE).

3) To understanding how powder processing (granulation, liquid plating, dry blending) and particle size affects powder flowability.

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