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NU-643-05-23PCSP Adv.Psychopharmacology

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Week 9 Discussion 1: Pediatric Clinical Reference Tool

Done: Make forum posts: 1

Value: 100 points

Due: Create your initial post by Day 4, and reply to at least two of your classmates’ posts by Day 7.

Grading Category: Discussion Forums

Reply Post

Please respond individually to at least two peers’ posts. What are the three most important things you have learned when treating pediatric populations with this disorder?

Please refer to the Grading Rubric for details on how this activity will be graded.

The described expectations meet the passing level of 80 percent. Students are directed to review the Discussion Grading Rubric for criteria that exceed expectations. 


I am replying to a classmate’s post. I will email the doc

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