Reflective Reading Assignment Instructions


In Everyday Bible Study, we are asked to consider how to read the New Testament by a reliance on the Holy Spirit (Chapter 14). Since the New Testament is a living document, a spiritual document, it requires a unique approach that recognizes the crucial role of the Holy Spirit in our understanding. We cannot interpret or understand the content of the New Testament without the help of its Author, the Spirit of God. We must always uphold doctrinal truth, but unless we know the Author of the words, it is simply knowledge.

The student of these New Testament books must come to each biblical reading with both academic and spiritual intent. The Inquisitive Christ exhorts, “If we don’t surrender to the Living Word, allowing him to speak to us and in us and over us, then the written Word will just be lines on a wafer-thin page” (Chapter 6).  In this course, we will endeavor to participate in communion with God and his Word that parallels both the intellectual and spiritual journey.

Since the first days of the early Christian Church, men and women have seen the importance of reflective readings. This process of reading God’s Word has been known by many names. Some have called this approach contemplative study or scriptural meditation. It has also been known as Lectio Divina, or divine reading. The idea is to engage within shorter passages of scripture in order to focus on God’s presence in his living Word. In a reflective, or divine reading, the student will encounter the Bible by asking strategic questions designed to integrate the academic with the personal.


Using the course texts to aid in understanding, you will complete and submit the Reflective Reading template that allow you to explore the process of a spiritual reading and engagement of the New Testament. Please copy/paste this template directly into the journal thread. Do not attach.

Length of assignment: completion of provided template

Acceptable sources: The Essence of the New Testament, The Inquisitive Christ and the New Testament

Reflective Reading Assignment: Matthew 14:22-33

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