Hi Manoucheca!,

As we discussed a while back on the phone, the nursing board who sets your grade and step will want 3 letters of reference from other RNs, a self-assessment and a current performance appraisal (optional but it helps especially if it says you were rated high/superior/excellent..etc. this past year) .

Here is what they will be looking at. The VA calls them dimensions. Your reference letters and self-assessment should list examples when they can. They like to see an example.

[1.] Practice. Extent to which the RN effectively uses the nursing process components of

assessment, diagnosis, outcome identification, planning, implementation, and evaluation in varied

practice settings.

[2.] Quality of Care. Extent to which the RN systematically evaluates and improves the quality and

effectiveness of nursing practice and health care delivery.

[3.] Performance. Extent to which the RN evaluates his/her own nursing practice as well as the

performance of others.

[4.] Education/Career Development. Extent to which the RN acquires and uses current knowledge

for self and others.

[5.] Collegiality. Extent to which the RN contributes to the professional development of peers,

colleagues, and others.

[6.] Ethics. Extent to which the RN makes decisions and takes action in an ethical manner.

[7.] Collaboration. Extent to which the RN collaborates with clients, significant others, and other

health care and service providers.

[8.] Research. Extent to which the RN uses research in practice.

[9.] Resource Utilization. Extent to which the RN considers factors related to safety, effectiveness,

and cost in planning and delivering care.

(c) The above criteria are conceptualized within the Four Dimensions of Nursing as follows:

1. Practice (Practice, Ethics, Resource Utilization)

2. Professional Development (Education/Career Development, Performance)

3. Collaboration (Collaboration, Collegiality)

4. Scientific Inquiry (Quality of Care, Research)


NB:  The reference letter is for Manoucheca Louis RN, BSN and the one who sending the letter is Wieler Exama RN,BSN.

Please send me a message to me if you need additional information.  Give me a nice reference letter please for her. I work with Manoucheca Louis at medford Rehabilitation for at list 3 years.

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