Response to posts A and B separately in your own words

(A) Mr. J.V is a person that believes in keeping fit and also engages in power lifting; therefore based on his lifestyle his intake of protein and carbs as well as a good portion of fiber makes up slightly more than the recommended values. His nutritional status is healthy when compared to the average individual and has large amounts of macronutrients. The most overvalued components of his diet are carbohydrates because this helps him function effectively and ensures that energy is optimized when at the gym. Water is undervalued due to the availability of other liquids available like sodas and energy drinks. Mr. J.V has no medical conditions that limit his nutritional requirement or any preparation of food nor does he have any sensory alterations that would impact his food preparations or nutritional need.

(B) To assess the nutritional status of my female friend, I utilized the Mini Nutritional Assessment (MNA) tool, conducted a physical examination, and asked questions related to their diet history. According to the Mini Nutritional Assessment tool, my friend is at risk of malnutrition, scoring 11 out of a possible 14 points (Potter, Perry, Hall, & Stockert, 2017, p. 1065). She reports no recent loss of appetite or weight loss and is usually physically active but does not know if she has lost any weight in the last three months. From the physical assessment, my friend is five foot four inches and weighs 125lbs, and her body mass index (BMI) is 21.5, which is considered a healthy weight (Calculate your BMI, n.d.). My friend is a vegan and states that she values her health and nutrition very much. Her physical signs appear healthy, evidenced by attributes such as shiny hair, smooth skin, reddish-pink mucous membranes, and clean teeth. From her diet history, the only medical condition she reports is being lactose intolerance, which prevents her from all dairy products. My friend has no sensory alterations that would impact her nutritional status. Other diagnostic tests that can be conducted to provide additional information regarding her nutritional health could be laboratory tests for measures of plasma proteins and nitrogen balance.

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