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Reebok is one of the giant companies that deal with sportswear with markets all over the world. To remain a top company and at the same time continue to attract more customers on its market share, the company has to do a lot of marketing strategies to promote their product that include sports shoes as well as athletic wear. Among its advertising strategies include the empowerment of women, and this is evident among the ads that have been recently exhibited in the internet platforms as well as social media platforms such as Twitter. The ‘Gal Gadot in a Reebok’s ad campaign,’ the ‘Reebok –Gal Gadot’ and the ‘Danai Gurira’ ads are among the advertising strategies that have been used by the Reebok Company to empower women.

The main audience of the three ads to which the Reebok Company has targeted are the women especially the young women, and this can be evident through the use of young celebrities such as Danai Gurira who is an actor of the Black Panther movie. In all the ads, the advertising models wear the Reebok’s wear to demonstrate how comfortable and bold the products from the company are and this instills a great sense of perception to the audience regarding their self-esteem and confidence which seems to be boosted upon wearing the outfit.

In the ‘Gal Gadot in a Reebok’s ad campaign,’ the ad primarily focuses on the women in leadership positions whereby the ad says that “We change the world every time we lead by example.” The is a direct appeal to women that they have to take direct and instant measures to lead and be seen in the leadership positions if they want to be agents of change in the world. It is through taking a step and making a decision to stand strong that one is able to hold such a position and to this case. The Reebok Company has offered a platform for the women to take charge and get themselves out of the previous world of low confidence and esteem, walking with their heads up and show the label that they have to change the world by leading by example.

The same aspect is emphasized in the rest of the ads; the Danai Gurira ad focuses on the support of women. Danai talks of celebrating the women and states that she is very happy to feel very proud of it when women recognize the others and therefore to her, sisterhood means a celebration of other women. The ‘Reebok – Gal Gadot’ don’t be an operationist is another ad by Reebok, again focusing on women asking them not to fear failure and dares them to try something out especially on the teenagers advising them not to be hard on themselves because if they dare and don’t fail, they are going to change the world.

These two ads have a higher emotional appeal to the audience and most specifically the women as the intended audience of the advertisement. The emotional appeal can be felt through the advice to which Gal Gadot seems to be giving herself, but in the real sense, she is trying to advise the young women in realizing themselves and trying things out if at all they want to change the world. The first stamen by Gurira states that there is nothing powerful than women celebrating each other. The statement by itself is so compelling to the emotions of the women, and this might leave the audience thinking about her works about self-empowerment as women.

The ads do not try to cause cognitive dissonance to achieve their persuasive goal, and this is because the ads have only a single intention of women empowerment. It does so through self-empowerment, and it is clear that there are no other reasons apart from promoting the cause of promoting women to realize themselves as well as their dreams that are facilitated by the existence of the Rebooks product making the realization of their dreams of changing the world possible. The ads stresses of credibility as it is through using the right channels, resources, and equipment that that one is able to achieve their goals and all these have been provided by the Reebok Company.

The ads intend the audience to make a decision at the planning for the action stage as this is the stage of realization and self-awareness. It is at this stage that most of the people want to make a difference and show the world that they are capable of making a difference. Planning for action, therefore, involves leaving behind all the past fears and experiences and gaining the courage to face a new challenge. As according to the ads, daring without quitting makes one a victor and at the same time makes them lead by example, and it is through this that the realization of the women goal of changing the world is going to be accomplished.


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