Answer these questions as your journey entry response to reading the play.

  • What happens in RED? Sum up the action in 1 or 2 brief sentences.
  • What does the color “red” mean to you?
  • The relationship between Mark Rothko and his assistant, Ken, suggests a mentoring aspect. Discuss this aspect and how you see their relationship change over time.
  • Discuss a mentoring relationship you may have had with someone older than yourself who helped you develop skills and understanding about something.
  • Why do you think Rothko rejects the commission, giving up the biggest commission he has ever been offered?
  • What do you think could be the potential impact of light and space on any art work? Can different light and space arrangements affect meaning? For instance, discuss the possible differences between absorbing an artwork in a museum and seeing it in a restaurant catering to an elite clientele.
  • Describe your overall response to RED.

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