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Reasons for Binge-Watching

Binge watching involves watching a television show or a TV series multiple times. Various reasons can be attributed to being the reasons for binge watching. For one, binge-watching acts as a relaxation therapy for most people, especially after a long day of being tired. People, therefore, binge watch to forget all the stresses that they received during the day that are work-related and they have to prepare for tomorrow. The only way they are able to do that is by watching 3-4 episodes of a TV series that is interesting to them. Binge watching is associated with a feeling of calmness, and this is the reason why people sit and watch a series for hours.

Binge watching also enables the individuals to escape reality the same way fictional stories in books do, entering into the world of fantasy, crime, romance and other desires of a person. There are numerous epic originals and awesome box sets in the TV series that attract people making them continue watching. Binge watching for 5-6 episodes is most preferred than watching a single episode so that one is able to get the whole concept. Watching more episodes gives the viewer a chance to watch and get involved in longer narratives, and through this, they are able to escape the real world for some hours taking their adventures into the fantasy world.

Another reason for binge-watching is that they possess the chemistry that works on the victims. Honestly, the major players in the series know exactly how to lure their victims. It is the natural human instinct to know exactly what is happening at every single moment, and if the moment denied, we get angry or annoyed, and in other words, viewers hate cliffhangers. The TV show developers use this to their advantage and continue creating episodes with epic plot twists especially at the end of the episode making it difficult for a person to restrain from checking the next episode. The next episode is always a cliffhanger too, and this becomes a vicious cycle that leads to binge watching. Another thing is that we binge watch because we enjoy it and keeps on being more interesting.

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