Read the chapter “Letter to a Young Iraqi Refugee to America” (129-133).

First, what is one very important rhetorical strategy that you see Lam use over and over again in this chapter? Give twoexamples of this strategy and explain the importance of using it: What does the strategy accomplish?

Second, Lam’s final piece of advice on the bottom of p. 132 is especially powerful: “tell your story.” With this advice, what is Lam trying to tell the young child about the rhetoric of America and Americans? Why will telling his own story be important to do?

Your response does not need to be one unified essay. You can treat the two parts as distinct questions.

Length and Formatting:

Your response should not be more than 2 pagestyped, double-spaced. Follow MLA guidelines: uniformly double-spaced lines, centered title, size 12 Times New Roman font, 1” margins, last name and page number in header ½” from page edge on right side, align left margin only.

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