Reaction Paper 3

The syllabus description is as follows:

Reaction papers.Throughout the class, certain subjects/techniques/ideas will likely pique your interest.  You may strong feelings or questions about a topic, regarding its applicability in the counseling setting or how you feel that it may apply to you.  When this happens, I would encourage you to write a 3 page (minimum), double spaced reaction paper on the topic, which you will then send to me.  It will not be shared with any of your peers, and will remain confidential.  You will be required to write four of these papers during the semester, and the due dates for each of these will be outlined in the syllabus below, though you are ALWAYS welcome to turn them in early!  These papers do not need to be formally written- instead, I want your gut reaction or thoughts to something that you have been reading/learning about from the class.

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